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Saturday - Feb 1st, 2020
VIP $35 • REG $25
VIP Seats Allowed Entrance at 6:00PM
REG Seats Allowed Entrance at 6:30pm
For The Love of Cash / 7:00pm

Full bar and concessions available for purchase

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Endorsed and applauded by the Cash Family. This show is performed by legendary Grand Ole Opry musicians and is particularly unique in that Gary West is not a Johnny Cash impersonator.

He is singer, songwriter, musician, producer, impressionist and most importantly an Entertainer. Though the sounds can sometimes be haunting when Gary decides he wants to sound like Cash, Willie, Edith Bunker or a dozen more voices. He will captivate and entertain an audience just as his predecessors did by combining great vocals, reimaging of classics, as well as original songs like “I Ain’t Playin’ no Jason Aldean” will have you singing along after the first chorus.

This is a tribute to Johnny Cash and the Legends of Country music. You will not want the night to end once these guys hit the stage. The show also features music from a portion of our show called “Remembering Waylon”.
Once you see this show live you will appreciate the true love and respect these men have for this legendary music.

This show is well respected in the music community as Gary was nominated for Traditional Country Music, Entertainer of the Year AND Song of the Year by the Josie Awards 2018!

Gary West has invested his entire life to music. He has spent years at the Grand Ole Opry and other major venues across the country performing and watching some of the greatest music stars of all time. 

One of the most significant things to note is that Gary has worked for two of the greatest “Entertainers” that has ever lived, Little Jimmy Dickens and Del Reeves. They both were known as the “Entertainers, Entertainer”.

When you see a show with Gary West and his amazing band you are looking and listening to a “Showman” that has spent years watching, performing with, and learning from “The Masters” of showmanship!  The best part is, both of the showman that Gary learned from were performers who were ORIGINAL! They were true pioneers and set the bar high for entertainers across the globe.  They didn’t have big big screens on stage, light shows, flash pots, or dancers. Only a spotlight, a great band, and the desire to see folks enjoy themselves to the fullest.

Gary has the unique ability to connect to an audience. It is seldom that you get to see this type of entertainment. Flashing lights, dancers and rope swinging trapeze acts have replaced the stand up entertainer. 

Just like his predecessors, Gary’s show is truly spontaneous, and he will seldom stick to a set list and this keeps even the band guessing what he will do next.  This is where the fun starts. When his amazing impromptu and whimsical personality take charge…  This is Real ENTERTAINMENT. 


“The classiest Johnny Cash tribute I have ever seen” - Tommy Cash
"I've seen many Johnny Cash tribute artists and you guys have the best musicianship of any!  Continued success."  Johnathon Holiff- award winning director, producer, and author of  "My Father and The Man in Black" 

“Gary is a real celebration of everything that’s great about traditional county music!! He’s a one-man Opry & Hee Haw all rolled into one, and his original material is just as Strong” Camo, co-host, Nashville Access